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Lynn Jackson Auction & Real Estate Co provides Auctioneer / Real Estate / Asset Recovery services in West Tennessee.

Get to know Lynn Jackson & the Staff

Lynn Jackson began his career in the auction business in January of 1978 by graduating from The Missouri Auction School. Since then, he has been involved in farm equipment auctions, real estate auctions, business liquidations, fund raising auctions and estate sales. Mr. Jackson and Lynn Jackson Auction & Real Estate Co is a fully licensed and bonded auctioneer / firm in the state of Tennessee.

There are lots of advantages to having an auction

One of the main advantages of having an auction is that we do all of the work for you. We will take responsibility for setting up the auction date, time, and location. Also, we will take care of the grouping, lotting, listing, and tagging of the merchandise. To be sold. During the auction, our employees do all of the ticket writing, and money handling. Following the auction, the seller will receive a check and settlement sheet from our company for the net proceeds of the auction. Auctions, in general, are a great form of entertainment for many people. It is very exciting and often fast paced.

If you do decide to have an auction, the items to be auctioned off will be advertised on this website, and depending on the size and type on the auction, will be advertised in misc newspapers and other publications.